Sierra Leone was Originally called Sierra Lyoa meaning lions mountain. It is a small country on the west coast of Africa lying 900 kilometers north of the equator, in the region. on the south-east it is bounded by Liberia, On the north and north-east by the Guinea.

The atlantic ocean form Sierra leone’s third frontier: 360 kilometer {212 miles} of coast extending from the north of it Great scares river

A flat plain up to 110 kilometers {70 miles} wide stretches the length of the concept of the Freetown peninsula, where the Sierra Lyoa mountains rise to 1000 meters {3280ft}. The land rises in altitude east ward to the Guinea high lands, a high plateau with peaks rising to over 1130m {6000ft}. Sierra Leone has several breath taking mountains such as Bintumani, Wara wara, Loma, Sula and Tinge ideal for climbers.

Early History

More than six centuries ago, tribes from the African interior decoded to settle in the virgin forest, where they will be protected on the mountain on one side and the sea on the other. they where probably the ancestors of the Limbas, the oldest ethnic group in Sierra Leone, the costal bulloms [Sherbro], Temne and Mende

Portuguese sailors were among the first european to discover the site of what is now Freetown. As foreign influence increase, trade commence between the locals and european in the form of a barter system. the british began to take interest in Sierra leone and in 1672 the Royal African company establish fort on the high land of Bunce and york for trading. with the emergence of the slave trade, Human being became the major commodity in the market, indigenes were sold as slaves. Infact, Bounce island became a prime spot for the transportation of slaves to Europe and America.

Through the efforts of some British philanthropists, Slavery was abolish in England. A naval base was established in Freetown to intercept slave ships and also to served as settlement for freed slaves in 1787. This settlement was called the ‘province of freedom’ By 1792, 1200 slaves were sent to Freetown from nova scotia and a large number from Maroon in the 1800s, the colony official became a british crown colony. Trade commenced between the indigenes and the settlers. this pave the gateway for the british to infiltrate the protectorate- the need to extend their rule became necessary. In 1896, a protectorate was declared. The country then became a single entity with a shared history, culture and language called Krio which evoked out of the factual and miss Languages of various other settlers and traders. English became the official Language.

During the colonialism, Sierra Leone served as the seats of government for other british colonies along the west coast of Africa. The first college for higher education south of the sahara was establish in 1827. the country is well known for it early achievement in the field of medicine, Law and education earning the name’ the ‘anthems of west Africa’

Post Modern History

Sierra Leone gain independence on the 27th of April 1961 and a republic statue on the 19th April 1971. since independence there have been many changes in the socio-political, and economic spare.

Today, under a multi party democracy, several changes have occurred on every aspect of life. the country economy is gradually picking up. The Tourism sector has enormous potentials and is steadily becoming a major player in the economy. Sierra Leone is an ideal eco- friendly holiday destination. more tourist establishments are now on the increase. Political stability and tolerance has foster a peaceful co-existence. the country is making steady progress in it socio-economic and political strides.

The country Name

Sierra Leone name dates back in to 1462, When a Portuguese explorer sail down the coast of west Africa. there seen some dispute, whether it was the shape or climatic condition that influence pedro da contra to come up with “Serra lyoa”meaning Lions mountain

Some say the costal mountains looked like ” lions teeth”others suggest he thought the thunder storms over the mountainous peninsula sounded like a roar of a lion. seventeen century english sailors called it “Sierra Leoa which involved in the 17th century to Sierra Leone. The british official adopt the name Sierra Leone in 1787.


The local name of Freetown before the white man came was ‘Romarong’ meaning the place of the wailers. This name came from sounds of the constant weeping and screaming of victims of storms and cross current disaster at the mouth of sierra leone river.

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