RAM, Sierra Princess in promotion drive

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) and Sierra Princess have joined forces aid passengers traveling to Lungi Airport from Freetown. Now, when you buy an airline ticket with Royal Air Maroc, they will include a complimentary water taxi ticket with the Sierra Princess ferry.
In an interview with Musayeroh Barrie, the Country Director of Westminster, who owns Sierra Princess, said they started operations last December and they have been gradually developing the ferry service.
“Because of the quality of service we provide, the spacious area we operate at in the Government Wharf with a spacious car park, Royal Air Maroc thought it fit to partner with us for the next two months to see if we can continue the standard so that we can have a permanent relationship in the future.”
Barrie averred that the ferry is a 40-seater with enough space for luggage and to stretch your legs. She said all those who have travelled once with their boat have positive comments and they will always travel with them again.

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