Jui theatre ready for operations – Nurse Amy

Zhang Xiao, who’s called Amy, said, “The Jui Hospital theatre was not functioning; it was when I arrived, I set up the theatre to start operations”. She said she is a theatre nurse with decades of experience.
“My job has been to prepare the theatre for the doctors to do operations. I must be able to prepare all the equipment by sterilising them, packing them in order and always on the side of the doctors to pass them the equipment they need.”
She said when she arrived the equipment was all broken and the theatre was like a store. She said she worked tirelessly to clean and pack the theatre. “Most of the equipment were broken and were not fit to be used; we had to bring in some equipment before the theatre started operation.”
Nurse Amy said since she arrived the nurses of the hospital had to be trained so that they can operate in the theatre. She said all of the nurses working in the theatre need training and she was able to get them to work in the theatre successfully as well as giving patients’ injections and how to regularly sanitise their working environment.
Nurse Amy said theatre nurses work with patients of all ages and primarily within hospital operating theatres and anaesthetic/recovery areas. They may also be involved with certain procedures on wards, clinics or in other specialist areas such as cardiac catheterisation units.

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