Community Mobilization and Empowerment on the use of clean and safe water

As a way of finding solution in ensuring people within the rural communities get access to clean and safe drinking water, the Coalition for Social Mobilization (CSM) have recently launched the Community Mobilization and Empowerment-under the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project.
This was done in commemoration of the International World Water Day with support from SALWACO, ADB, GoSL, GEF and Local Councils.
According to CSM, it is an unfortunate fact that 783 million people all over the world still go without clean and safe water and over 2.5 million people still don’t have proper use of sufficient sanitation facilities.
They maintained it is against the backdrop that they decided to concentrate on many different ways involved with assisting people reclaimed some dignity, and enhance their lengthy-term health through use of neat and safe water.
“Water is really a precious commodity which most people ignore,” they maintained, explaining that World Water Day is an opportunity to consider individual people and places where water needs continue to be vital and aim to interact to locate a solution.
“Despite the overwhelmingly clear evidence that providing safer, accessible and more reliable supplies of fresh water leads to healthier populations and economies, millions of people still struggle to access safe drinking water, and more than 840,000 people die each year from poor water sanitation and hygiene.

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