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How can we help you?

We offer varies of services and advises and our tours cater for adventurers of all ages including backpackers, students and private charter groups. Connect with us, we can answer all your questions

Before you travel

Health and safety

We advise travelers to take comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling, including for medical evacuation. Most health care providers will expect payment before treatment. The National Travel Health Network and Center provide up to date Ebola Info

Plan your travel

Make your planning flexible, as you are thinking, you might come across great ideas. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions contact us, Understand that Sierra Leone is an extremely poor country that emerge from 10 years civil war ended in 2002

Airport Assistant

Sea coach express service facilitate a faster transfer, so getting to the terminal is easy. it 's the fastest means of transfer from Lungi to Freetown currently. You need a vehicle and a one to assist you at the Airport? Connect with us.

vehicle hiring

Series of local cars rentals companies, hotels and private individuals provide means of transportation, with or without a driver. It is a great way of experiencing culture of the locals. We provide reliable vehicles and drivers