Sierra Leone culture

Sierra Leone Culture

    Plenty of our customs, traditions and beliefs are speedy fading out across Sierra Leone. 


And also people in many parts of the country do widely performed practices of their ancestors, which have made  a village cultural show often brings out rich cultural experiences and point out beliefs, traditional and customary practices of the locals.


Sierra Leone culture

As in every community across sierra Leone, people do things in a way that is different from other communities

Sierra Leone cultures

and the Makonkonday village cultural show is a collection of different way of doing things in different communities and a chance to see the most skillful people in the Koya region expressing the Temne culture

Sierra Leone cultureone of the most skillfull sampa, briliantly showing out great steps and won the clap of everyone in the crowd

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They are very common in Bondo society ceremonies and they are also signs to show Bondo women are here. this devils always accompanied by few women [singers]. Bondo devils have different meaning depending to the responsibilities they carry. Watch their heads.

DSCF0571If a Bondo devil is well plated it means the responsibility of women is to plate the hair of your children at the marriage house, if she carry a pot means it is the womens responsibility to cook at the marriage house and if she carries children means the women should give birth to children at the marriage house

culture, tradition, costomsPlenty more fun friendly traditions you will see at the Makonkonday cultural show. if you wish to feel this part of Sierra Leone, please contact iTravel as arrangment most be made in advance 

culture                              Here, cultural shows are what brings people together


Sierra Leone beaches

Tokeh beach

Tokeh beach  is a 3 km stretch of white sand " Visitors easily spend here a whole week or more doing absulutlty northing, except to go swim"


Here is one of the few places in Africa that situated in front of a forestry mountainous area.

03 To be explicit, the basement of the greenish Freetown peninsula  mountains approach  the Atlantic ocean  with a broken shoreline,

Tokeh sandin other words the shoreline sand break in to pieces, a km or more stretch, each with its own exceptional attraction, golden brown or white sand are some of the different choices

Tokeh beach, Sierra Leone

Tokeh beach is a white sand 3 km stretch facing attractive islands

Tokeh beach, peninsulla

Tokeh have some of the class a accommodation facilities in Sierra Leone, accommodation involve a verity of choices, either luxury, simple stay or go get a bungalow.

beach accommodation, Tokeh

At tokeh sand, the evening is reddish

Tokeh beach, freetown

                                 Wellcome to Tokeh